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2014 Presenters

Famous Hungarians Presented by Dr. Gyorgy Tilesch

Dr. George Tilesch is a Hungarian-American Tri-Sector leader and Transatlantic Renaissance Man. Born and raised in Hungary, George is a lawyer and diplomat by training, who did his postgraduate studies in France. Fulfilling senior roles at the European Commission, Fleishman Hillard and Microsoft, he created solutions at the often labyrinthine intersection of the public, private and social sectors for most of his professional life. With a career spanning the globe, his focus areas of expertise are tech/innovation, strategic communications, business development and international affairs. Currently he is the worldwide Head of Communications for San Francisco-based social enterprise Techsoup Global, the world's largest social sector network and resource platform, currently operating in 89 countries and serving 600.000 NGOs. He supports organizations helping professional immigrants and spreading global understanding between cultures.

Being proud of his Hungarian heritage, he plays an active role in fostering US and Bay Area Hungarian community life. In his spare time, he keeps pestering innocent locals with anecdotes about the great deeds of Hungarians and this is exactly how he landed this gig. George is very happily married and lives in Foster City with his wife who speaks Hungarian with a funny accent. He really appreciates the effort though

Hungary as a Tourist Destination Presented by Dr. Andrea Novak

Andrea is overjoyed with the opportunity to introduce the American people to the beauty of Hungary from the perspective of tourism. She hopes to inspire you to visit Hungary through a peek into the some of the most popular tourist attractions. Andrea Novák as born in Miskolc, Hungary and most currently lives in Budapest, Hungary. She graduated from Pázmány Péter Catholic University, in the Faculty of Law. Since then she has been working with international companies in the business sector. She volunteers for cultural associations, such as AFS Hungary, an organization that promotes cultural experiences for students. She is also a fan of gastronomy which prompted to complete a basic Sommelier Course, which specializes in wine stewardry. She also has audited several media and public-life related courses.

Andrea is here in the San Francisco Bay Area from April through October, as a recipient of a scholarship through the Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Program. She will be working with the local Hungarian communities, associations and programs. She believes this mission presents a great opportunity to work for the benefit of Hungarian Culture. During her stay here, she will also support programs of the ‘Council of the Hungarian Diaspora’ as well, such as the ‘Mikes Kelemen Program’, with a focus on the collection of Hungarian book heritage (letters, historical memories, etc.) in the USA, especially in Los Angeles and in the ‘Julianus Program’, where material Hungarian memories around the world are being catalogued.

Andrea looks forward to seeing you at her presentation and encourages you to make Hungary your next destination

Beautiful Hungarian Folk Songs Presented by Zina Bozzay

Zina Bozzay will give a brief lecture on the origins of these beautiful Hungarian folk songs, describe how Hungarian folk music is thriving in many forms in Budapest today, play some examples of the music, and share other interesting points about Hungarian cultural heritage.  She will also teach a sweet and easy-to-learn springtime song which is quite popular, so everyone can enjoy singing together!

Hungarian Heritage Festival

Hungarian Heritage Festival strives to keep the Hungarian culture alive in San Francisco Bay Area.