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Hungarian Heritage Festival 2012

I must express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the Hungarian Heritage Festival (2012) that was held yesterday for the San Francisco Bay Area. I prepared a photo collage of the event that you can view here:

Laszlo Juhasz

Hungarian Treasure - 2014 Festival

My name is Daniel Demeter, my father is Thomas Demeter, 1956 refugee from Hungary after the Communists crushed the Revolution.  I have never attended a Hungarian Heritage Festival, and I heard about it by chance from another first-generation Hungarian friend of mine when we were discussing the importance of passing on what our parents have instilled in us.  I immediately jotted down the date, and called my dad excitedly about it!

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Daniel Demeter

Learn more about the Hungarian culture

The festival is an expression of a vibrant community that showcases its best traditions, a perfect event for all ages. You will learn more about the Hungarian culture, arts, crafts, and enjoy delicious meals.

Chris Datcu

Hungarian Heritage Festival

Hungarian Heritage Festival strives to keep the Hungarian culture alive in San Francisco Bay Area.

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